Our Objuctives

Contribute to improved knowledge and understanding of Hararian Canadians among  youth, enabling them to learn firsthand about the history, geography, the economy, institutions, cultures, communities, languages and other facets of their country.

Help Hararian Canadian young connect to one another and create links throughout the country and among groups, thereby helping to strengthen the fabric of Hararian Canadian society.

Develop Hararian Canadian identity and attachment to Canada among youth by enhancing appreciation of both the diversity and the shared aspects of the Canadian experience.

Contribute to the development of leadership skills in young Hararian Canadians.

Foster a stronger sense of community by providing opportunities for youth to become actively engaged in their own and other communities in Canada.


9 Commentsto Our Objuctives

  1. Ismahan says:

    This is a great! I’m excited to see the progress that our community is making. Looking forward to seeing the oneness of our people, and possibly becoming the hub of western Canada for Harari Culture!!

  2. Muna says:

    This is a great opportunity specially for our young generations to learn about their coulture. let’s do our best to help one another for the sake of our community pleas keep up the great work CHCS!!!

  3. Aziz777 says:

    I couldn’t agree more

  4. Bahar says:

    Inshallah We Will do much more… all Alberta hararian have to hold hand to hand to grow together ….

    • fethi\ says:

      finally we didn’t l am so period of you .let keep it up inshallah we will be with you all they way good work l want thanks all hard work . lknow can do more let move on

  5. Lena says:

    Love it ! Seeing the community grow is truly going to be rewarding . Keep it up !

  6. ahmed ahmed says:

    Ismahan omer shewal Eid fezba aqumesa shukran

  7. Bahar Sherif says:

    We all did a great job celebrating ShewalEid in Calgary, i would say thank you for Ismahan Omer and all Calgary Hararian Afoch and supporters and Edmonton Afoch as well

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